Monday, October 25, 2010

Sucker Punch

I'm ready for this one.  Hot dames,samurai, dragons, and kickin kung-fu action. Dig it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

more goodness... INC!

Just got this from GW..

"Incoming: Misty Mountains

Khazad-dûm, nestled below the mighty peaks of the Misty Mountains was once the greatest of all Dwarven holds - a place of beauty, light and artisanship unequalled. Now, however, it is the haunt of Moria Goblins, lumbering Cave Trolls and other, more terrible creatures.

For generations the Dwarves have longed to reclaim their ancestral home, fighting long and bitter wars against the Goblins who have usurped their cherished kingdom beneath the mountains.

This October the battle for dominion is set to intensify as both the armies of the Dwarf Holds and the Misty Mountains receive new reinforcements. With new miniatures for both factions, Good and Evil players have something to look forward to.

For more information about the Misty Mountains releases in October, watch out for future newsletters, keep an on the Games Workshop website and check out October's issue of White Dwarf. Players of the Strategy Battle Game will find rules to accompany all these models in November's issue of White Dwarf."

More dwarves!  More gobbies!

And earlier this weekend, someone broke the news and posted up pics of the new GW WHF boxed set minis..  Here are a couple of the skaven figs.. The high elves are just as spectacular.. 

My wallet groans...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rats, WoC, Crons, Space Wolves, and a dream..

Since I'm now on my break between classes, lots of work has been done the last few days in as far as assembly and converting for this mass of pewter and plastic that I affectionately call, my "pile o shame".

My dream is to clean up the chaos which is my studio, (yes, AGAIN), and regain some semblance of organization so I can continue this habit of daily progress.

Marauders Mayhem is coming up in Oct/Nov, and I'm nowhere near where I need to be to place or be in any contention to win best painted army.

Much thanks to Aaron and Ian from Shackled Goblin Studios for organizing a local painting group which has been meeting up once a month at the LGS for themed painting sessions.  I didnt get to attend the last two, but plan on showing up for July's meeting..Check out the latest flier..

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Slacker Supreme!

Bottom line?  I'm slackin hardcore!  I've been playing WoW a bit more since cramming a ton of studying in during the last couple weeks of class to pull a -B- grade out of this past quarter's class.  I've been putting some time into assembling the bazillion Skaven for my 2250 Pestilence army.. Gonna go with a list something like this..

Lord Skrolk
40 plague monks
plague priest
plague furnace
40 plague monks
40 clanrats
40 clanrats
30 slaves- (old clanrats)
30 slaves- (old clanrats)

I'm also building just for teh giggles;
12 giant rats
6 rat ogres
6 rat swarms
nurglitch lord on rat

I cant stand the old clanrat models.  The new rats are sooooo much nicer sculpt and are easy peasy to put together.  Therefore, they are my slaves, and will be treated as such on the battlefield!

The Necrons are still in progress.  I picked up another battalion and am in the process of building these up.  I'm debating on staying with the rusty swamp necron theme and maybe build up a unit of just swampy necrons, sans rust.  We'll see where the creative mind takes me.

Orks are shelved for now.  I've got 5 mega armored nobs built along with Gazagkhull and Snikrott with 10 commandos. 

Space wolves-  The battleplan is to work on a unit a month, having them fully painted by this fall.  Lots still to do!

No pics today..  I still need to download them from the camera!

Cya in a couple weeks!

Monday, February 22, 2010

It sure is cold!

Tons of snow last week translated into me getting more painting and modeling done, and into finally editing a two part youtube video of my workspace/studio.  I've been busy on the rusty swamp necrons, and just picked up a Monolith that I'll be assembling this week.  Here are a few pics to check out.

This guy is a confrontation resin fig that I picked up for the cheap at my LGS bargain bin.  Got three of em that I'm going to use for wraiths.  This is the normal pose.. I'm converting the other two.  The tentacles are guitar strings..

Here is a link to the studio tour on my Grimmbo Youtube channel, so check it out.  Leave me some feedback willya?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They're coming!

Yeah, I know I’m slacking as far as getting my two blog posts a month in. I do have a ton of pics and material to post about, but you’ll just get these teaser photos to keep you in anticipation….   Maybe I'll get motivated this week to push all this stuff out.  *grin*

Monday, January 04, 2010

Its a new year..

Resolutions abound on blogsites this week, and this blog wont be an exception. 

I resolve to:

Paint at least every other day
Complete my Space Wolves
Complete my Skaven
Crank out at least one video a month for YouTube
Post on this blog at least twice a month
Get in some gaming at least once a month
Compete in at least three painting competitions.

There are plenty of other resolutions for life in general, but no sense in blogging about them here.  I'll do an end of year blog next December and we'll see if I can follow through.

I ordered some pigments and the heavy black wash from Les at .   I'll do a review of the product once I receive it.