Monday, February 22, 2010

It sure is cold!

Tons of snow last week translated into me getting more painting and modeling done, and into finally editing a two part youtube video of my workspace/studio.  I've been busy on the rusty swamp necrons, and just picked up a Monolith that I'll be assembling this week.  Here are a few pics to check out.

This guy is a confrontation resin fig that I picked up for the cheap at my LGS bargain bin.  Got three of em that I'm going to use for wraiths.  This is the normal pose.. I'm converting the other two.  The tentacles are guitar strings..

Here is a link to the studio tour on my Grimmbo Youtube channel, so check it out.  Leave me some feedback willya?


Ghengis Vaughn said...

Those look fantastic! I especially like the effect you have of the warrior knee deep in the muck.

On a completely goofy note: as the Necrons are made of living metal would rust be their equivalent to

Mastahh B said...


I was wondering about that. How could they, "rust" considering what they're made of?

Your explaination sounds good to me!! :)

GMM Studios said...

Tight rust.

They are just old!

Liver spots :)