Tuesday, July 20, 2010

more goodness... INC!

Just got this from GW..

"Incoming: Misty Mountains

Khazad-dûm, nestled below the mighty peaks of the Misty Mountains was once the greatest of all Dwarven holds - a place of beauty, light and artisanship unequalled. Now, however, it is the haunt of Moria Goblins, lumbering Cave Trolls and other, more terrible creatures.

For generations the Dwarves have longed to reclaim their ancestral home, fighting long and bitter wars against the Goblins who have usurped their cherished kingdom beneath the mountains.

This October the battle for dominion is set to intensify as both the armies of the Dwarf Holds and the Misty Mountains receive new reinforcements. With new miniatures for both factions, Good and Evil players have something to look forward to.

For more information about the Misty Mountains releases in October, watch out for future newsletters, keep an on the Games Workshop website and check out October's issue of White Dwarf. Players of the Strategy Battle Game will find rules to accompany all these models in November's issue of White Dwarf."

More dwarves!  More gobbies!

And earlier this weekend, someone broke the news and posted up pics of the new GW WHF boxed set minis..  Here are a couple of the skaven figs.. The high elves are just as spectacular.. 

My wallet groans...

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