Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rats, WoC, Crons, Space Wolves, and a dream..

Since I'm now on my break between classes, lots of work has been done the last few days in as far as assembly and converting for this mass of pewter and plastic that I affectionately call, my "pile o shame".

My dream is to clean up the chaos which is my studio, (yes, AGAIN), and regain some semblance of organization so I can continue this habit of daily progress.

Marauders Mayhem is coming up in Oct/Nov, and I'm nowhere near where I need to be to place or be in any contention to win best painted army.

Much thanks to Aaron and Ian from Shackled Goblin Studios for organizing a local painting group which has been meeting up once a month at the LGS for themed painting sessions.  I didnt get to attend the last two, but plan on showing up for July's meeting..Check out the latest flier..

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