Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mewwy Christmas!

For some strange reason I couldnt hit the "r" key to save my life earlier when typing in the title.  I kept hitting the "w" so I figured, what the heck!  Mewwy Christmas it shall be!

I have some stuff to post up!  Since passing both of my classes for the previous quarter I have had some time to paint.  Once I get the pics downloaded, I'll fire up a post to show em off.

Hope all your stockings are stuffed with the games and miniatures you long for.

Have a very mewwy Christmas!

Monday, December 07, 2009

I tells a fib! I posts! Again!

I'm sitting here listening to episode 27 from my saveordieradio  buddies, having recently finished 5 hours of homework, and I figured, what the heck, I'll check out the Privateer Press site to see what is new.  OMIGAWRSH!!  The inner steampunk geek in me rejoices!!  Hel-oooo Extreme Destroyer!

This guy is two or three shades of sweetness, abeit, 60 bucks of sweetness, but I digress.  I've always wanted a Juggernaut extreme, but now I want em both!  Maybe I can put these bad boyz on my Christmas list.

5 more days..

It has been a while since my last post, and honestly, I havent picked up a brush and painted or modeled much of anything either. I'm taking classes full time this quarter, and it is kicking-my-arse.  My last day of class is Dec 11 and after I clean up the workshop a bit, I'll be back to painting and will put my first video up on youtube under the Grimmbo channel.  It will probably just be a brief tour of my work area, so dont expect some epic spectactular example of modern filmmaking.

On a side note, my buddy got his pigment business up and running.  Now I have two sources for weathering pigments, Les, from  AwesomepaintJob , and Careos, from Sharper-designs.  I currently have some pigment from Sharper-designs since he is a local guy, but havent had a chance to try them out yet.  I'll be ordering some from Les at AwesomePaintJob here in the future and will post up a review of both once I get a chance.  BTW... Les has some new stuff coming soon, so check out his store and get some of that wash he sells.  I made my own using his recipe, and it is truly the cat's meow.

I just ordered two new GameForces mags from the coolminiornot store, and wouldnt you know it, they just announced they're carrying MAOW miniatures.  I wants some of those bottle covers and dice!  Neat stuff!

I'll post up again after this next weekend, post mad painting frenzy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Skaven fun

I had the fortunate opportunity to assemble 40 of the new GW Skaven clanrats this past week.  Those rats were a DREAM to put together compared to the old style minis.  The kit consists of three parts plus a base with minimal mold lines.  The DoomWheel was a major pain to assemble sans instructions, but after a bit of tinkering, I got it figured out.  Pics to come!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Steampunk hotness!

Got a warjack that you want to highlight by making the most awesometastic,(yeah, I made that one up), base for?  Check out and purchase their Steampunk basing kit.  For 30 bones you get everything you need to build massive amounts of bases, all with a Warmachine/steampunk theme.  They also have a few nice tutorials for base building here.

Try em out!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Skaven love.. thank yew GW!

GW has released pics of their new skaven models to be released Nov 7. Feel the love!

I dont see any new rat ogre models yet. Bummer.


Iron Building isnt gonna happen. I didnt get anywhere near finished with my first 500 pts. I'm finishing up the genestealers and the broodlord, and I'll most likely finalize the three warriors and 8 homagaunts. Friday I picked up two boxes of the new space wolves, a box of wolf guard terminators, the codex, and the rune priest character. I have a ton of stuff to take pics of. Hopefully I can get them posted this week.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Snoddy node

This week has been a Iron Builder crusher for me. I'm fighting an upper respiratory infection and have done absolutely ZERO painting. So needless to say, unless I get better fast and have a mad painting session tomorrow night, Saturday's deadline wont be made for the Iron Builder competition, and I'll just bow out. Might be for the best anyway, as the new Space Wolf models are being released tomorrow, and they'll get me hankerin' to finish my wolf army.

Ah well.. Cest la vie...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Genestealer list

Ok.. Change to the change..

For Iron builder pt 2, I'm going for this list..

Broodlord+5 genestealer retinue.. BL with FH, +str, FT: GS with +str, EC
8 hormogaunts
3 warriors with syth talons and deathspitters
6 genestealers +str, EC

All the models are assembled. I'm painting genestealers and the broodlord first, then the guants/warriors

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weeee! Space Hulk Genestealers!

Yay for me! I picked up some SH genestealers on ebay for a steal. I'll find a way to include these babies into my Iron Builder army.

I also found a Red Terror model for teh cheap in the used minis bin at my LGS. After a day of soaking in Castrol super clean, it is bare metal and ready for construction. I'm having a build-lots-o-bugs week so after the smoke clears, I'll fire up some pics.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Iron Builder pt deux

My LGS is having its second Iron builder competition and I'm such a glutton for punishment, I signed up. To show you how MUCH of a glutton I am, I agreed to build/paint Tyranids of all things. An Iron Builder competition basically boils down to the contestants paying a fee at the beginning, (October 5 is our start date), and each month you paint up 500 pts of your chosen army. By the time you get to the end of month four, you have 2000 pts fully painted, and we have a mini tournament. Points are awarded each month. Check it out..

"Painted Army Scoring Assembled: +2 point Primed:
+2 point Based (sand/flock/etc):
+2 point At least 3 colors on models:
+5 OR Models “Finished”:
+9 points Models “Unfinished”: -3 point

Definition of “Finished”:
All aspects of the model are finished, including teeth/eyes/lenses/claws/gems/etc.
Definition of “Unfinished”: The inverse of “Finished”. (duh!)

As a result, a completed 500 point army will net the player 15 points, while an incomplete army will only net the player 8 points. In addition, you will play games with your developing army each month. You will gain points based on how well you do.
League Games Scoring Win: 5 points Tie:
2 points Loss:
0 points
You will play games in the Ironbuilder Leagues in an attempt to gain points.

You may play as many games as you wish during the month, and you may keep your best result. But these points may only be gained ONCE per month."

There are big prizes for best painted and overall winner. My big plan is to go Nidzilla as much as possible to keep model count down, and use genestealers as my regular troops. I'll keep updates here as the months progress.

My first 500pts may look like this...
Flying CC Hive Tyrant
Broodlord and 5 genestealers
7 genestealers
Part of me wants to make my Tyrant a big shooter, the other wants him to be a CC monster. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

FopCon 1 is complete.

FopCon #1 is over. Here are some of the highlights of the trip.
See previous blog entry about FopCon HERE

The Hall

Saturday my kitchen pass was still good, so I drug my two lackeys into the truck and we made the trip to Huber Heights and visited FopCon 2009. We got there around 12 noon and were welcomed by Doug and the rest of the staff who were very helpful to show us around.

Say hi to Doug the organizer.

Left side of front hall

Right side of front hall

Bell, Book, and Comic table. Friendly faces!

Simply Fun table

Back room gaming fun. I think everyone back here was doing some form of RPG.

Big Heroscape game in progress.

Tom from Fat Dragon Games, who helped explain Heroscape to me.

All in all, it was a fun trip. They had a decent turn out of about 30-40 people when I was there. I left around 1:30 but was told that the events would run late into the evening. I'll get word from Doug for the final head count, but I can see this becoming a MUCH bigger event in the years to come..

This is Rich and Aaron. They had their own booth there at the con, trying to sell off some of their old action figures to make some $$. Word has it that Aaron will be a new daddy this week. Best of luck to you guys!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Guild

Hilarious stuff. Check out all the previous episodes.

The guild

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Upgrade time

Just upgraded to the new template format. I was using the "classic" style and couldnt figure out where all my setting/options were to rearrange the blog page. Silly me.. Click UPGRADE TEMPLATE button for teh win!

Added some favorite links to the sidebar. Go check out the Save-or-Die radio podcast and leave them some feedback! These guys are buddies of mine and have managed to create a really cool/hilarious show. The WarGamer Community is a great place to find info about modeling and painting. AwesomePaintjob has some amazing tutorials. Just click the links.. You know you wanna! Let the geek flow freely!

Let me know what you think of the blog. Be gentle. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Skaven.. They're coming!

GW just announced yesterday that the Skaven will be the next upcoming WH fantasy army to be revamped.. Nice looking cover art for the codex as well. With GW's recent new mini releases having such nice sculpts, it looks like I'll be draining the wallet for a plastic/metal fix a little more this fall.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Video test.

Testing a video..

Space Wolves- prequel

For Russ!

I've shelved these guys for way too long now. Back in April I entered this army in a Iron Builder contest, and took second place for best painted. I figure they're about 70% finished. Some models need more than others obviously, but with the new Space Wolf stuff coming out from GW in October, I want to have this army finished and ready for any gaming I get lucky enough to participate in. Some of you may recognize these pics from, where I orginally posted them. I'm also going to finish up my Tyranids during my three week break from school. Here is a pic of one of the warriors I started.


I *heart* this guy... Really. Looks like he is coming out with his own line of paints/pigments/washes. Les, you're a true bonifide benefit for the mini-gaming hobby/community!

Linky to his video (youtube)

The website

Friday, August 21, 2009

For the Horde!!

BTW, I'm back playing WoW, Horde side, on a pvp server again. I'm currently lvling a 71 hunter in the vast expanses of Northrend. I'm running with some buddies who are lvling a DK, shaman, rogue, drood, and a lock. Should make for a pretty tough pvp team once we all hit 80. Coming to an arena near you..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two posts in one day! Someone call Super Dane!

Uncanny likeness eh? I think my guns are bigger. I need to figure out how to photoshop some paintbrushes into that utility belt.

Make your own hero HERE.

Summer, summer, summertime!

August in Ohio usually means lots of warm, humid days. Not so this year. We're hanging in the 70's to low 80's with an occasional poke into 88 or 89. Even so, its perfect weather for a convention. Last week saw several of my gaming buddies hitting GenCon. No way for me to go this year, so I got to live vicariously through their pictures, often taken by cell phone, but effective nonetheless. A big hearty thank you to my two ninja shoppers! You know who you are.

Next weekend, (August 29th), is FOPCon, which for a small local convention, looks pretty well organized. I'll be there assuming my kitchen pass isnt revoked, and suggest if you're in the area, to stop by and get your game on. The event is sponsored by The Dayton Area Boardgaming Society , Fat Dragon Games , (who have a crazy sweet GM Screen, check it out!), and Bell, Book and Comic, one of the LGS here in the Dayton, Ohio area.

More info about the con can be found here.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The bench

After about three weeks of organizing, a few hours here, a few hours there, the chaos was contained. My paints and supplies are where I can reach them, and I have plenty of room to move around. A friend of mine loves to say, "It aint real without PICS!", so there ya go. The little green table you can barely see next to my drafting table is where I put my son when he wants to paint his models.

With everything in it's place, I should be able to get more modeling done. Y'think? :)

Arrgh! Shiver me timbers! Voodoo Elixers

Indy Dave from the RAM in Indianpolis recently announced they were carrying RootJack, Pirate Elixer from Voodoo Elixers Inc.

I'm not a pirate, but I aspire to be one some day. Maybe even attain the covetted rank of Pirate Captain! (someone has to fight off all those ninjas).

Check the Ram and grab a bottle of this tastey goodness if you happen to hit GenCon this year.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I gotta tell you. Zombies are my idea of cool. Nazi zombies are even MORE cool. Cool in a way that has me drooling like an old basset hound staring at a juicy steak in anticipation of getting my hands on this miniature line.

So ya.. I'm looking forward to this game and its minis..

Here is some cover art from the site...
And the website itself..
Go sign up on the forums and let them know what you think!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Warhammer 40k music

Surfin along while I'm working and found this site. Very techno!

New title, new stuff!

Starting point for the new mini modeling blog. yep.. i'm taking the plunge.

Currently on the bench..

Space wolves!



Skaven Giant!

Imperial Guard command squad!

Confrontation Wolfen!

Confrontation Goblins!

Circle of Orboros!

And a whole lot more... I have more models than I'll ever paint I'm sure. I'll put up some pics of my work area since I've organized.