Monday, September 14, 2009

Iron Builder pt deux

My LGS is having its second Iron builder competition and I'm such a glutton for punishment, I signed up. To show you how MUCH of a glutton I am, I agreed to build/paint Tyranids of all things. An Iron Builder competition basically boils down to the contestants paying a fee at the beginning, (October 5 is our start date), and each month you paint up 500 pts of your chosen army. By the time you get to the end of month four, you have 2000 pts fully painted, and we have a mini tournament. Points are awarded each month. Check it out..

"Painted Army Scoring Assembled: +2 point Primed:
+2 point Based (sand/flock/etc):
+2 point At least 3 colors on models:
+5 OR Models “Finished”:
+9 points Models “Unfinished”: -3 point

Definition of “Finished”:
All aspects of the model are finished, including teeth/eyes/lenses/claws/gems/etc.
Definition of “Unfinished”: The inverse of “Finished”. (duh!)

As a result, a completed 500 point army will net the player 15 points, while an incomplete army will only net the player 8 points. In addition, you will play games with your developing army each month. You will gain points based on how well you do.
League Games Scoring Win: 5 points Tie:
2 points Loss:
0 points
You will play games in the Ironbuilder Leagues in an attempt to gain points.

You may play as many games as you wish during the month, and you may keep your best result. But these points may only be gained ONCE per month."

There are big prizes for best painted and overall winner. My big plan is to go Nidzilla as much as possible to keep model count down, and use genestealers as my regular troops. I'll keep updates here as the months progress.

My first 500pts may look like this...
Flying CC Hive Tyrant
Broodlord and 5 genestealers
7 genestealers
Part of me wants to make my Tyrant a big shooter, the other wants him to be a CC monster. What do you think?

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