Thursday, August 06, 2009

Arrgh! Shiver me timbers! Voodoo Elixers

Indy Dave from the RAM in Indianpolis recently announced they were carrying RootJack, Pirate Elixer from Voodoo Elixers Inc.

I'm not a pirate, but I aspire to be one some day. Maybe even attain the covetted rank of Pirate Captain! (someone has to fight off all those ninjas).

Check the Ram and grab a bottle of this tastey goodness if you happen to hit GenCon this year.


VooDoo said...

Ahoy matey! Will ye be attendin' GenCon yerself this year? If so, please feel free to stop by booth 2209 and try a swig O'RootJack. You might get that privateering commission yet!

Fight Scurvy!

Mastahh B said...

Didnt make it!
My ninja shoppers LOVED your drinks though! We'll see you next year.

VooDoo said...

We were lookin' forward to meeting ye. If ye bearound Indy, thar be a few places that will be carryin' RootJack soon, so check out our "Merchant Ports" page from time to time to see where it be available. Plus will have it next week. Maybe soon you be gettin' to taste liquid pirate freedom! YARRR!