Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Massive Voodoo Contest Entry pics

Massive Voodoo is having a Mad Max car competition and this is my entry.  It is an old 71 Hemi Cuda model kit that I had sitting in a box forever, now converted into MY version of the ultimate post-apocalyptic world transportation of choice.  This is my first scale auto kit attempted in almost 15 years. 

So... what do you think?  See how many rats you can find!


Anonymous said...

Jeff, that looks sweet! Good luck with your entry!


suki5150 said...

Love it.

Mad Max car builds are awesome.


Anonymous said...

The car is beautiful! Great work.

Joel said...

Awesome car! Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we'll talk about it.


Joel Houston