Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Resolutions and some Bloodbowl

Wow.  Its been a weird year. I built a ton of models, but painted only one mini, the bloodbowl orc shown below.  My new years resolution for 2011 is to get off and stay off my arse and get the minis I have piled up in my studio painted, and to resist the urge to buy new ones.  If the new Skaven second wave models are any indication of the quality GW is putting out this next year, I'm hosed.  Basically I have drawn out a battle plan/priority list to get things painted and make a dent in this stack of plastic and pewter.

15 more bloodbowl orcs for my buddy Jeff
5 Skaven rat ogres
20 Space Wolf Grey Hunters
30 Skaven Plague monks
Plague Furnace
8 Space Wolf Long Fangs (Sarge and 5 missile launchers, 2 las can)
50 skaven slaves (old school)
2 Rhinos
*insert random "holy smokes I gotta have this model! here*

With a new dedication to my hobby and a self imposed drastic reduction in WoW time, I want to finish this list by May 1.  Stay with me and check out my YouTube channel for updates and pics.

Here is the first orc, a black orc blocker

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